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               DAMRONGSILP was established since year 2001 with the capital of 5,000,000 THB locating at the West Side of Thailand called Suphanburi around 100 kms from Bangkok city. DAMRONGSILP has been starting business with bus market by producing bus seat coach seat supplied to the local market. Soon DAMRONGSILP starting to export this bus seat product to South East Asia and Middle East Market. DAMRONGSILP still concentrate in VIP Range so the development of luxury seat has been developed and since then DAMRONGSILP has lauched the SUPER VIP Seat Called Aero Seat which was similar to what the airline company are using in the First Class Segment with all seat are controlling by Electric. After the successful of Bus Market and at the same time, Thailand trend are converting the Mini Van into Luxury unit for Executive Person so from the experience of VIP Seat DAMRONGSILP has been able to supply the most luxury car called Mercedes Vito by converting the 11 seaters type into 7 seaters type with the Center Console and all facilities function. Because of this products became very well known in the market DAMRONGSILP are getting contact from an OEM Company under brand, Hyundai to convert the same side Minivan called H1 into Luxury Segment and sell as the product from the factory to all the dealer in Thailand.
               DAMRONGSILP has been formed as a group by setting subsidiaries company to manufacture seat for Local Customer which located in Bangpong and the company called DAMRONGSILP PART SEAT CENTER CO.,LTD. Another Company located in Omyai is called TRK AutoseatCo.,ltd. This TRK are supplying VIP Seat for the Luxury Van and do Convertion for local customer. After this set up Damrongsilp has getting a lot of order either from OEM, Export Market and After Market so DAMRONGSILP has expanded a company in Suphanburi by investing another 4 building and formed another 4 companies as our supplier to supply parts like Foaming, Metal Part and Plastic Part then DAMRONGSILP became only Assembling Line. DAMRONGSILP has concentrate on the quality of the product so the very good quality machine has been starting to put into production such as Roboting Machine, CNC Cutting Machine. Now, DAMRONGSILP are currently supply seat and interior parts to an OEM Market, Export Market and After Market and the company are now certify by ISO 9001:2015 Version.
               DAMRONGSILP Groups are now fully mass production with more than 700 workers.