Mercedes Sprinter – More Practical, Baze Showcase A2 Sprinter With Luxury Cabin

Original translated from:!%2F – As an interior specialist, Baze Luxury Bus re-released the latest creation based on Mercedes-Benz Sprinter A2.

“Yes, this time we put a change of cabin on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter.When in GIIAS last year we used the Sprinter A3 now we use Sprinter A2” Bari Setiadi, Bos Baze Luxury Bus.

Partition with bulkhead and flat screen Ivan Casagrande Momot
Partition with bulkhead and flat screen
Speaking of dimensions, the Sprinter A2 has a more compact length aka 70 cm shorter than the Sprinter A3.
There are even other features that make this car itself. “Special A2 can be more exclusive because it drives enough to use SIM A and do not need KIR” said Bari again.

8 passenger seat configuration Ivan Casagrande Momot
8 passenger seat configuration
Sprinter A2 cabin itself has a configuration of 8 passengers with 2-2-4 format. With reclinging facilities and massage features.
Fourth row seats can be folded for extra luggage with a choice of color baige and gray The rest of the new features are also presented in the cabin. Start the wine cabinets on the right door trim, the electrical table, and also the USB port.

Entertainment elements also complete accommodate 32-inch flat-screen TV that can go up and down electrically. Controls for the arrangement of the foot rest, and the glass partition, plus the partition partition to the ceiling of the crocodile skin motif.

“For the work of this car must wait one month With a monthly production capacity of 4 units” close Bari.

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